Success lies in breakfast, don’t skip it

Breakfast-Upper-House-Hong-Kong-Lustin-StyleWell-fed animals are sweeter and calmer. The same applies to people. Feed yourself in the morning so that you are in a better mood and sweeter. Eating breakfast also enhances your memory and improves cognitive ability, resulting in longer ability to concentrate. Basically, if you skip breakfast, you are letting go of any chance of having a great, happy and productive day which you need in your journey to success.

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3 simple steps to define your perfect beard neckline


Centuries ago, it was very easy to grow a beard. You just stopped shaving. Some beards ended on the chin, neck, some on the chest. If you still do this nowadays, there is a high chance that you look like a beggar and you might even loose your job over your bushy uncontrolled beard. [Read more…]

How often do you really need to wash your clothes?

Jaguar car stylish manIf you are like me then you wake up in the morning, shower, get dressed, down a cup of coffee and head out. You come back home in the evening, get undressed and throw all of your clothes in the laundry bin. Yes, I do love fresh, fluffy and perfectly ironed clothes every day. This is not only inconvenient when you realize your favorite pair of pants you were about to wear to a dinner is in the laundry, but it is also unnecessary and damaging to your clothes. In fact, too often washing shortens your clothes’ lifespan. So what is the ideal number of wearings before tossing your clothes in the washing machine or dropping it off at the dry-cleaner’s? [Read more…]

Tom Ford gets cozy and approachable for fall 2015

Tom Ford Menswear Fall Winter 2015 (2)

Tom Ford’s 2015 Winter Collection for Men is a study in reinvention. The collection is, in some ways, a take on classic London Mod, all while staying true to Ford’s signature, structured style. During the private press preview, signature dark suits were styled casually with sneakers, dark roll necks and sunglasses, very 60s cool. Several pieces stayed true to Ford’s love for boldness, such as the stunning, velvet tuxedo jackets emblazoned with monochromatic Op Art patterns. [Read more…]

As I began to love myself…

As I began to love myself charlie chaplinMy dear friend once shared with me this beautiful poem written by an unkown author on ‘self love.’ It inspired me so much and still does because I like coming back to it and reading over and over again. Today, I’d like to share it with you all. [Read more…]

Loewe’s timeless pieces for this summer

loewe sprin summer 20015 men menswear

Madrid based, Luxury Spanish fashion house, Loewe, revealed their Spring Summer 2015 collection in late 2014 at Saint Sulpice studio in Paris. The collection was credited to the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson, and was his first with the house. Anderson has said that his designs will be relevant in today’s world, but designed to be timeless. Anderson is new to the fashion house, since LVMH made him creative director in 2013. Having been somewhat of a darling in the London fashion scene, his fans have been thrilled to see the work he has been doing with Loewe and it is certainly bringing a new energy to the brand. [Read more…]

Thinking of a holiday? 5 most luxurious hotels in Bangkok

Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok - pool copyMy friend and I are racing at the back of a “tuk-tuk” in the scorching 35 degree Bangkok heat in mid-day traffic as the driver swerves to avoid a collision. He doesn’t seem too worried. My skin seems to be melting, my heart is racing because we are late for our first appointment and my friend is holding onto me for dear life. She wants to see the best of Bangkok’s hotels and I thought I would bring her around town the local way: in an exposed metal makeshift half car/half bike, Thais call it the “tuc tuc”. [Read more…]

Do you wear a beard as a trend or style? What do people think about you?


Recently, I have been coming across numerous articles discussing the the ‘trend’ of beards. Some elevating beards into heights, while others are simply discouraging men from having one. I like how the positive articles talk about beard styles and grooming, giving tips on how to pull off one, while those against beards are overusing the word “trend”. They talk about beards being a fashion trend and how this one has just gone passé, so you should shave it and move on to another trend.

Dining Etiquette (Part D-M)

Dining Etiquette by Lustin StyleThe society is evolving, but one thing always remains. Manners. One should always maintain good manners. They are the key to being human. Scientists have suggested that good manners not only distinguish us from the rest of the animal kingdom, they help keep humans free of disease and underpin the co-operation that helps the world go round.

Etiquette is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group. Because of the importance of good demeanor, I put together a second series of dining etiquette as a continuation of topics on good manners of a real modern man. [Read more…]