About the Founder

Hi, I’m Lada, but most of you know me under my Instagram name @MRLUSTIN. I live in Bangkok where I work as a digital marketer. When I’m not in the office, I spend my time creating and delivering impactful customer experiences through web design and social media. Being an avid traveler, I believe delighting customers online and offline should be a goal for every business, not only in hospitality. Besides all of this, I am also an Airbnb host, design enthusiast and a donut lover. "I'll take a box of six!"


About Lustin Style

Lustin Style was founded as a result of my keen interest in design, art, style, food and travel. I wanted to create a destination for curious, ambitious people who live in the digital world, travel, partake in healthy lifestyle and mainly appreciate quality design, gear and all the simple things in life.



If you’d like to say hi or contact me for any business inquiries, collaborations, partnerships, advertising or sponsorships, reach out to me here.



Now, sit back and enjoy some good reads, or say hi to me on Instagram.