3 ways to disconnect from your busy life and be present in the moment

Mental fitness 3 ways to disconnect from your busy life and be present in the moment Guys, let’s face it. We all live busy lives, no matter where we are in life. We have responsibilities calling on us all day long, from relationships to work to paying the bills. These responsibilities can stack up if you start to neglect them and really wear and tear on your body and your mind. When we stop for a second to check in with our own self and our own body, what are you noticing? For a lot of guys, there is a tendency to not check in with yourself frequently because we live in such a fast paced world where we feel like if we stop even for a few seconds, that life or an opportunity will pass us by. When we do find time to disconnect from the craziness of life, we can often find lost in what we should be doing. It happens to us all! I have made an easy to follow list of 3 ways you can disconnect from your daily life and reconnect with yourself mentally and physically. We should all do ourselves a favor and find the time for ourselves because no else will look out for us like we can.

Nature time

One of the most powerful things we can do is connect with the natural earth we live on. There is energy flowing through us and energy flowing around us. A great way to fill up your energy level is to go explore in nature. This can be a walk down to the beach or a hike in your local forests. While going on these ventures with friends is a great time to connect with them, you are trying to connect with yourself, so for this time, it’s just you and yourself. Being alone, surrounded by beautiful landscapes will help you focus and regain clarity in your life. What I like doing is finding a big rock to sit on at the top of my hike and sit there, slowing down my breath and taking every second in, each second gives a new experience. Charge up those internal batteries of yours, you will have endless energy for days afterwards.

Mental fitness 3 ways to disconnect from your busy life and be present in the moment

Unplug technology & shut the eyes

These days we tend to reach for the piece of technology that seems so valuable that if it’s lost our lives seem to be over, our smartphones! We continually use our smartphones all throughout the day, checking emails, sending messages, and making phone calls. Then we tend to get caught up in the social media game when work is over, taking up valuable time in our lives. A great way to distance yourself from technology a little bit (baby steps here guys) is to turn off your phones, or if that isn’t possible, keep your phone outside of your bedroom and away from your bed. When we continually use our phones in bed or even 2 hours before we sleep our brains keep getting messages sent by neurons to stay awake since the bright lite screens keep us from releasing melatonin, our natural sleep hormone. Give your eyes and your brain a break from those late night social media binges.

Mental fitness 3 ways to disconnect from your busy life and be present in the moment


Guys, it’s been proven time and time again, meditation works on so many levels all the way down to a cellular level in the body!! How crazy is that. To disconnect from the craziness in life for a few minutes, find a quiet place and sit still in silence. You can immediately feel the positive changes in your body all the way down to the cells. To connect with others we must first be able to connect with ourselves, and so there is no better way to do this than through meditation. It doesn’t take hours to do nor do you need to be at a meditation studio. You can do this all from where you currently are. Starting with the breath, taking inhalations of 4 seconds through the nose and a 4 second exhalation through the mouth will begin to calm the body down, as well as the mind. There are so many easy, accessible meditation videos online that range from 5 minutes and up. Take the 5-10 minutes out of your day and connect with your inner self. Who wouldn’t want to feel more in tuned with oneself?! I like to do my meditation in the mornings when my mind is free from any distractions the day has ready for me.

As much as we want to live physically healthy lives, keeping up our fitness routines is important. But we need to realize there is so much more to us than just our physical body. We have all of this energy flowing through us that has this adnate need to be shaped and used all the time, or else, it just goes away. Pay attention to your body and mind, make the connection between the two and you will begin to see positive changes in your life and also how those around you view your presence. We all owe it to ourselves to do some mental fitness.