ASMALLWORLD - Private Community for Influential People

Asmallworld launch 2013 LustinStyleASMALLWORLD (ASW) launched in 2004 as an invitation-only social network. It quickly became the world’s leading private online community of like-minded culturally influential people across the globe. To join, one must receive an invitation from an existing member. Only a portion of ASW users (consisting of CEOs, nobility, jetsetters and world-famous celebrities, from sports, politics, money, and entertainment) had the ability to invite new members. ASW portrays itself as being extremely exclusive compared to other social networks.

After the re-launch in 2013 ASW launched Subscription Membership and expanded its world to include the Member Privileges Program, an enhanced Events Program and the ASMALLWORLD Foundation. Subscribed members can now enjoy hundreds of benefits and discounts from the list of numerous international Privilege Partners, as well as attend a range of official ASW events all over the world.

Today, due to overwhelming demand - after nearly 10 years, ASW has decided to start accepting membership applications to find interesting and passionate people from all corners of the globe. You may apply now here. I am myself an ASW member. What do you guys think of this news? Will the community be able to remain exclusive? Or are they going to become the new common social network as others are, since they have decided to accept everyone?