Don’t be afraid of the day you turn gray

nick-wooster How great it feels to have a good, full, thick head of hair. You can run your fingers through it or let others do it. You can style it in different ways, keep it short or let it grow. While you’re still young, you’re pretty much safe to experiment with your hair and go crazy.

But one day, maybe one day, you will either loose it (and then you can just shave your head or get a transplant) or you will turn gray. What are you more scared off? In my case, I’ve been turning gray on the sides of my head pretty much since high school. It started slowly but early. Now, I’m in my late 20s and I’m pretty much silver on the sides above my ears. Luckily, the top of my head is still remaining brown with one or two gray hair here and there. Nothing noticeable. Yet, I know I’ll probably turn gray completely before I even know it!

At first, the idea of turning gray in the early days scared me. But lately, I’ve been seeing more young men embracing their gray hair. Quite frankly, it actually looks good on many of them. Can I say I’m scared at the same time as I am excited and curious? I mean, there are two ways to deal with this. You either embrace it (confidence and groomed gray hair apparently have a sexiness to it), or you pick a color, dye your hair, and you’ll probably end up being laughed at, since in 90% of time it will look too fake. So it’s your choice - I’ll go with the first option. What about you? If you are with me, let’s go through some tips on how to work that gray handsome heads of ours.

Get a tan

If your face is white, the lack of contrast between gray hair and your skin will make you disappear. Bronze skin looks so much better.

Tip: If you happen to notice yellow or brassy tones of gray hair, use a silver or violet-based color brightening shampoo. Sometimes these shampoos are marketed as being for blonde hair too.

Forget about long hair

Why? Because “he looks hot with his long white hair", said no one ever.

Embrace it

It’s all about your attitude. If you decide to embrace it and be confident about it, your whole attitude become contagious and will transfer to others, who will perceive you as a suave and sophisticated man no matter how old you are. What more, it will even help you stand out in a sea of normal-haired people, since it looks unique on a younger man. There is nothing sexier than a distinguished-looking young man with a well groomed salt and pepper (or white) hair.

And btw. no, stress doesn’t turn your gray hair. It’s in your genes.

John Slattery (Mad Men) Lustin Style

John Slattery, actor


Lucky Blue Smith, model


Rick Fox, retired basketball player

1st image - Nick Wooster, retail maven and street style icon