Gym gear essentials check list for men

image-3 copy You think wearing as few clothes in the gym as possible will work the best. So you grab a simple pair of shorts and your old cotton tshirt and hit the gym. Judging by this, you are probably a newbie. You might want to know that fully covering up your body with the right clothes will actually be beneficial to your work out. It will improve circulation and lessen the risk of strains, tears and other injuries by keeping your muscles warm. What more, extra sweating will help you burn more calories, so it might not be a bad thing either.

Here’s the gym gear essentials check list for those of you who are starting to get physical, or those of you who just need to upgrade your gear.


I know you wanna wear your light and soft pima cotton tshirt to the gym, but please don’t. It will only hurt your work out. Cotton is like a sponge for your sweat. It will soak up and become heavy. Instead, you need to look for performance-enhancing gear that keeps you not only from sweating, but from smelling as well. Also, you don’t want your shirt to be loose that it will get in the way when you’re lifting weights.


Shorts are like shirts - cotton will absorb your sweat and weigh you down.


Your whole body is going to be put in work. Hard work. Make sure you're wearing shoes that have a good cushioning and build to give your feet and body the quality support it needs.


Let’s call it the performance socks - these will keep your feet dry and comfortable. If you are like me and want to keep your feet smooth and healthy, wear clean socks for your work out and then jump into another clean pair after you finish and shower.

Compression shorts

They claim compression gear will help with more endurance, increase your muscle power, and help you run faster. The studies have been done and the result is: it won’t do such things. It’s all marketing. However, the tighter elastic it is made of will hold your muscles better, and the tightness will improve your blood circulation. The reason people like these, compression shorts especially, is that it does make your body look firmer. Also, these shorts will give you a sense of muscle focus on the workout and over all help you feel better. So the benefits are not what they say, but the mindset it creates in your head is worth it. Some guys also like to wear these to give “things” a sense of staying in place...

Gym bag

Leather bags are cool and stylish, but you’ll probably be carrying it all day with you, so go for a light-weight duffel bag or backpack.

Music + headphones

Music is a great workout motivator and it will help you create a sort of a private space at the gym, blocking out the busy surrounding so you can concentrate on your muscles. Opt for wireless headphones - trust me, the wire does get in your way.