Harvey Nichols Surprises With Toy Kits In Their Windows

Window displays at Harvey Nichols here in Hong Kong at the Pacific Place shopping mall are a true work of art. Every few months these windows change to blow your mind with something you could never expect. In the past they made the "Museum of Dinosaurs" out of a wooden hangers. It was very cool. Some other time they made dresses out of brushes, or a gigantic teddy bear out of the baby bottle teats. Harvey Nichols definitely houses some extremely creative people.

This month the window displays at Pacific Place here in Hong Kong have changed again. They came up with an idea of old-fashioned toy kits using their merchandise as a part of the kits. You parents might remember these when they were little, making planes and cars out of them.


Here is an example for us younger ones ;-) of how old toy kits looked.Harvey-Nichols-Windows-HongKong-toy-kit