Inspiring Instagram series - Gray Malin

Gray Malin Lustin Style There's only one thing that is so simple, yet, it brings the whole world into your palm. It's Instagram. This little thing on the screen of your phone gives you anything you ask for. It keeps you in touch with your friends, your favorite brands, celebrities, it gets you amused, sad, or just thinking. It let's you shop or even stalk someone. I, in particular, like how unpredictable it can be - one day you discover someone whose work can truly inspire you, and the next day you become friends. Instagram is the window to the world.

And this is why I decided to start 'Inspiring Instagram series', a column where I'm going to feature Instagrammers who truly captivated me. Whether it is their creativity, passion, their work or just the tasteful point of view they showcase throughout their Instagram, I think they deserve to be seen. Here's the first captivating Instagrammer:

Gray Malin

This Los Angeles based photographer believes that the journey is more than just a photograph, it's a shared experience inviting everyone to a jet-set lifestyle, and the idea that everyday can be a getaway. He takes images of people, beaches, cities and animals and treats them like a piece of art. He is mostly known for his artful aerial shots.



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Merry Christmas to you and yours, friends! ✨ x

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Hello Friday ✨ make every day your own getaway 👉🏻

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