Loewe's timeless pieces for this summer

Madrid based, Luxury Spanish fashion house, Loewe, revealed their Spring Summer 2015 collection in late 2014 at Saint Sulpice studio in Paris. The collection was credited to the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson, and was his first with the house. Anderson has said that his designs will be relevant in today’s world, but designed to be timeless. Anderson is new to the fashion house, since LVMH made him creative director in 2013. Having been somewhat of a darling in the London fashion scene, his fans have been thrilled to see the work he has been doing with Loewe and it is certainly bringing a new energy to the brand.

The men’s collection features a wide array of items from wardrobe staples such as the classic check twill scarf, to handsomely structured and thoughtfully detailed calf leather duffle bags. The pieces feel accessible, while still maintaining a luxury appeal and essence.

Anderson’s designs in this collection bring a lightness. The entire collection is fresh and not at all serious, yet sophisticated and chic. Particularly rooted in this vibe is the black and white striped flap collar silk shirt, whose drape is casual, but in a just-so way. Pieces range from this casual chic vibe to even edgy, with items like the tan or navy waterproof lamb leather parka, whose masculine lines are in contrast with the supple material and full collar. Staying within this European coastal vibe and featured throughout the collection is its staple piece, the charcoal wide-leg cuffed wool trousers. Restyled throughout the collection, they embody Anderson’s approach to reimagined classics and convey the very lightheartedness that Loewe had been missing.

The collection also features an impressive number of accessories, many of which are fresh takes on classics. One of these timeless brought to the present moment items are the Gold Python Espadrilles. Lovers of Anderson’s work in London will appreciate some of the bolder pieces of the accessories collection, such as the Black Meccano Calf Leather Oxford shoes, whose bold colors and exciting lines, featuring leather cut-outs shaped like Meccano, a well-loved metal construction toy in England, take a marked step away from the beach casual vibe of the rest of the collection.

Anderson has already brought an exciting boost of energy to Loewe and it will be interesting to see what else he has planned as the fashion world watches him restart the brand.

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