Modern Melon Color Is the Summer Hit


Maybe you have seen this color before, maybe you have not. For those of you who have seen it, wasn't it a quite a struggle to give it a name? What color is it? Even I have had some difficulties before finding it out. Anyway, the point is that this "Modern Melon" color, as Elie Tahari calls it, is my most favourite color of the season. I totally fell in love with it the first time I saw it. Of course, I was extremely pleased when Elie Tahari's featured my favourite color in his Spring/Summer collection for this year. This genius designer will help you stand out from the bland and safe masculine colors, yet in a subtle way. The best way to wear melon colored clothes, either shorts, pants or shirts, is to accompany it with anything khaki. You can also try to wear it in a combination with black, but khaki will complement it the best. It will slightly tone it down if you are not up for black/melon contrast, but still want to wear a melon shirt.

Another great color combinations that will go great with your melon apparel would be turquoise, grey and white, of course. Elie Tahari really mastered these colors in his spring 2013 menswear collection.

Elie Tahari Melon Modern Color Menswear SS2013

Elie Tahari Modern Melon Color 2013

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