Orlebar Brown's humble beginnings

Orlebar Brown start Lustin StyleAdam Brown, a photographer, launched his Orlebar Brown brand in London in 2007 after a simple idea struck him when he was on a holiday in Rajasthan. He was relaxing by the pool, when he noticed how great the women looked, but men didn't. They were either wearing big and long surf shorts, or boxer shorts that were way too small. It was nothing they could wear to lunch or drinks afterwards. He thought it was silly that men had to change for lunch, and this is when he came up with the idea of good-looking shorts that you can swim in. This is when he solved the problem men had when traveling and having to pack different shorts around town and for swimming. On top of this idea, he also wanted to help men look better by offering them shorts that are more flattering to their body and therefore tailored and refined.

Orlebar Brown Adam Brown designer

He had no experience in fashion design whatsoever. He signed up for a three-day business course and one-week drawing course at Central Saint Martins before he finally launched his Orlebar Brown brand. He had 1000 pairs of shorts made and he started selling them online from his home. From only three styles available at the beginning, the company has become a fast-growing global business. Enjoying its growing popularity, it was in 2012 when Daniel Craig was seen wearing one of OB pairs of shorts in Skyfall movie.

With premium fabrics, materials, and tailored fits, Adam Brown stands by his claim their Orlebar Brown's styles, fit and colors are not age or place specific and should look equally good either on a yacht in St. Tropez, surfing in Cornwall or at the Blue Marlin in Ibiza.

Orlebar Brown shorts and a full range of other clothes and accessories are sold online at OrlebarBrown.com, at one of the OB stores in London, Cannes, St. Tropez, Hamptons, Knokke-Zoute, as well as at other stockists such as Bergdorf Goodman and  Saks in NYC, or Lane Crawford in Hong Kong among others.

Orlebar Brown flamingo shorts Lustin Style

Orlebar Brown shorts Lustin Style