Pierre Hermé Opens in Hong Kong


All of my friends know I love macarons, but I do not like just any macarons. My favourites are Laduree and Pierre Hermé from Paris, of course. These two places make the best macaroons ever. Laduree, the founding father of macarons, and Pierre Hermé, the newer macaron maker, who can get it just right as well. If you are in Paris, it is worth getting in the extremely long line, to get the real, most famous, fresh Parisian dessert. But living myself in Asia, I am just too far to get to Paris. You can see macarons popping up in every store around here, but are they really macarons? They definitely look that way, but just taste them. They are almost not edible. Hard, sugary cookie-like thing with no taste.

I do travel to Japan quite a lot, and it was a very pleasant surprise to find a Laduree shop, when I was in Osaka. To my surprise, the macarons were not tasting the way they should. The flavor was great, but the texture was just too hard and dry. I guess they probably fly them in frozen. So I sort of gave up on getting excited when passing by a Laduree shop in Asia.Pierre-Herme-Macarons-HongKong

To my surprise, being based between Hong Kong and Bangkok, I was walking around the ifc mall in Hong Kong and suddenly I see it! The big Pierre Hermé sign. The newly open shop. I was so excited, but something in my mind was telling me not to overact based on my unpleasant experience with Laduree in Osaka. But I still wanted to get some Pierre Hermé's macarons and ran to the shop to get a box. After that, I dont remember anything. Just flying in the rainbow on the sky ;-) The texture was PERFECT. Exactly how the macaron should be. Although, the range of flavours offered are not too exciting, such as Olive oil with vanilla, Passion fruit and rhubarb, etc. After seeing all these uninviting flavours, I told them to just give me a box of pistachio ones, a full box. They gave me a strange look and the lady starting grabbing the orange macarons! I immediately stopped her and asked her what was she giving me. She said it was the only pistachio macaron they had, which was really an apricot one with a little pieces of pistachio. I was really dissapointed, but at the end I chose some Salted caramel, Hazelnut Praliné, etc. and I was still in heaven. I wish they had more of the traditional flavours, but lets hope they will introduce them the next season.


The current collection of macarons for this season: Rose & Rose Petal, Salted-Butter Caramel, Pure Origin Peruvian Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate & Passion Fruit, Olive Oil Fruité Vert with Vanilla & Slices of Green Olive, Matcha Green Tea & Black Sesame Crisp, Passion Fruit, Rhubarb & Strawberry, Apricot & Crunchy Pistachio, Vanilla & Caramel Bits, Hazelnut Praliné & Praliné Crisp.

Pierre Hermé Paris is at shop 1019C, Podium Level One, IFC Mall, Central, tel: 2833 5700

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