Success lies in breakfast, don’t skip it

Well-fed animals are sweeter and calmer. The same applies to people. Feed yourself in the morning so that you are in a better mood and sweeter. Eating breakfast also enhances your memory and improves cognitive ability, resulting in longer ability to concentrate. Basically, if you skip breakfast, you are letting go of any chance of having a great, happy and productive day which you need in your journey to success.

I must admit, I was never really a big fan of breakfast. I would wake up in the morning, pop a cup of coffee and the last thing on my mind was any food. My stomach wasn’t even hungry. But getting up early to go to school and then work on my blog and other projects wasn’t sustainable. Many days I felt tired and grouchy. When I mentioned this to any of my friends, the only answer from them was that I shouldn’t skip breakfast as it is an important part of starting up a day and that the body needs it. Well, my body did not need it, I thought.

Recently, I have decided to join a gym because I really want to gain some muscles and get into a better shape. Being a skinny guy - or an ectomorph as they call my body type - I need to follow a high-protein/calorie diet. This means exercising, but also eating a lot. The first thing I had to change was my bad habit of skipping breakfast in the morning. Instead, now I need to not only get something into my stomach, but I also need to make sure that it is high-protein based (eggs, peanut butter, oatmeal), and then anything else, such as some bread, croissant and sometimes pancakes on the weekends. I guess because of the fact that my main reason I started eating in the morning is my fitness goal, I never had any impulse to skip it since then.

Now the great part - after few weeks of starting my days with breakfast, I realized how different I feel. I feel fresher, more relaxed and energized. I definitely can remember more things, as eating high-energy foods in the morning helps to boost short-term memory and concentration. I definitely can see both physical and mental improvements in my body and it feels great. From now on, I would never ever want to skip a breakfast. My body needs it and I really enjoy it!

Breakfast-Upper-House-Hong-Kong-Lustin-Style com
The picture is of a Bircher muesli I had at one of my most favorite places for breakfast in Hong Kong - Cafe Gray at the Upper House hotel. I also had eggs before that, but they did not look as pretty :)

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