Trim down with these drinks


Dinner with friends, another office party, bachelor’s party, family gatherings - these all are your constant boozey temptations. I know you love going out with your buddies, but if you’re also trying to trim down and keep fit, it might not help. If you don’t want to sacrifice all the fun, here are the drinks that will cause the least harm to your body shape. I mean, if you can’t stop drinking at all, why not at least drink the booze that has the lowest calories count. This way you can still be part of all the fun!


Wine is the most calorie-friendly selection with a typical 100 calories per glass. It’s got no cholesterol, no sodium, no fat. This applies for both red and white.

Hard Liquer

If you have to drink mixers, use at least diet soda water or diet tonic. By doing this, you can actually save even 100 calories. Vodka & soda (or gin, rum, whiskey, or scotch) will only give you another 96 calories, while rum & cola would add up another 248! You don’t need that. Waste it on a good steak instead.

Light Beer

If you’re a beer drinker, stick to light beer which has the lowest calorie count of all beers - 110. Under all circumstances, avoid dark beer!