Uniqlo's success lies in its male customers


Uniqlo's success You are probably already familiar with the Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo. Or maybe you know it, but had no idea where it came from. The brand is growing rapidly and it now has over 1500 stores. It also has a lot more male customers compared to their competing retailers who are struggling to attract more men into their stores. In fact, Uniqlo's customer base splits equally 50/50 between men and women. Wonder how did they do it?

Not trendy, but simple and classic clothes

Firstly, Uniqlo's collections are not trendy. Instead, they design clothes that is simple and classic. Most men are not fashion-forward and they want to be done with shopping in 15 minutes. Uniqlo brings them exactly what they want. The clothes is easy to mix and match and all basic items, such as shirts come in many different colors and patterns. Once you know which shirt fits you, you can just grab few formal ones for work and few casual ones to go with your jeans. It is simple and easy. Also, although male customers shop less frequently, they spend more money on a single purchase than women.

Functional, problem-solving clothes

Men are familiar with sports clothes as that is what they wore when they were young. Therefore, Uniqlo's casual and simple clothes is the kind of clothes they know and don't need to think about much. What interests them more is the functionality of the items and it's fabrics. Uniqlo knows this and this is why the company produces clothes made for different activities. They sell pants and t-shirts which are cooling, while others are thermal and keep men dry from sweating.

High quality for low price

Because the selections of clothes is simple and limited here, unlike that of other retailers who are always introducing new lines to keep up with trends, the company can have large economies of scale when producing huge bulks of items to lower the prices. This is something men appreciate as most of them are not willing to spend too much money on their clothes.

Tailored looks

Most brands offer to their male customers clothes with generous cuts to ensure it fits men of all sizes. But Uniqlo has found out through its research, that men don't want to wear baggy, unflattering clothes. This is why Uniqlo's clothes is always fitted.