Virgin America's New Musical In-Flight Safety Video

Virgin-America-In-flight-safety-video Virgin America has found a way to revolutionalize the always boring in-flight safety videos. Some of you, who don't really travel to Asia might not know that Bangkok Airways has actually done this way before. Bangkok Airways, the Asia's Boutique Airlines, as they call themselves is a small yet trendy airline carrier, who has introduced their musical in-flight safety demonstration quite some time ago. I always love seeing the the shocked tourists on board, when the video starts. It is very amusing and what a fabulous idea to catch everyone's attention!

This time, Virgin America (perhaps inspired by Bangkok Airways), launched their new fully musical safety video on board. They took it way further than Bangkok Airways and I must say they have created a master piece. Such a fabulous musical with all different genres and styles put together featuring aspiring young singers and dancers. More airline carries should get inspired by Bangkok Airways and Virgin America to get away from the common, conservative and a stressful way of flying.

Here are you can watch the Virgin America in-flight safety video, behind the scenes, as well as the Bangkok Airways safety demonstration:

And here is a funny one from Air New Zealand: